This website records the last resting place of over one thousand artists who have been instrumental in creating and reflecting Australia’s culture and heritage.

Whilst they are not all Australian by birth, each has worked here and left their mark.

This information will assist you if you wish to visit these sites to pay your respects, seek inspiration or identify which artists are resting in a particular cemetery or crematorium.

Where cremations occurred and ashes were collected, further information has not been sought as I felt it better to let family members or friends contact me.

Some artists are still being researched and no doubt there are others not included. Also whilst great care has been taken to record verified information, mistakes can occur. If you are able to assist in any way, please contact me.

This project was started because I have a great passion and respect for art and artists and also because it is important that we remember them and take care of their place of rest.

To the people at various Registry offices, cemeteries, crematoriums and others who are family members and friends of the artists, a very sincere thank you for your help. This project would not have been possible without you.


If you wish to find a particular artist, enter First and/or Last Name.

If you wish to find artists resting in a particular area, enter the Area Code which is the postcode of the place of burial or cremation. For artists who died overseas, please enter the Area Code 9000.

Where I do not know details of the last resting place, Area Code is 9999.

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